This project involves creating an online database of data from textile factories in Mexico from 1843 to 1857. The purpose of this project is to make this data freely available, so researchers can easily utilize and manipulate this data in order to come to a better understanding of how the Mexican textile industry developed in the 19th century.

Navigate to the “Homepage” to view and search the database. Select “Research” to read a written overview of current literature on textile factories and examples of data use. Choose “Methodology” to read an explanation of data collection, the data fields, and sources for the data.

Acknowledgements: Sarah Connell and Julia Flanders of the NULab provided guidance on this project. Feedback was given by Northeastern graduate students including Liam Moore, Liam MacClean, Clare Nelson, Ben Federlin, Michael Kitchen, and Paul Martin.

Hunter Moskowitz
Hunter Moskowitz

This project was designed by Hunter Moskowitz, a PhD. Student at Northeastern University.